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                Welcome to LuAn Micro&Special Motor Co.,Ltd!

                National Hotline0564-3633228

                Hot keywords:Three phase asynchronous motorHigh voltage motorMulti speed motor

                National Hotline:0564-3633228

                Luan Weite Motor Co. Ltd., is a professional production of small motor manufacturing in private enterprises. Founded in early 90s of last century, after more than twenty years of rolling development, has grown into the motor annual output of over one million kilowatts, the output value of nearly 300 million yuan scale motor professional manufacturing enterprises. Along with the development of the company production ... [MORE]

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                Copy:LuAn Micro&Special Motor Co.,Ltd    Address:Dongyi Road Economical&Technical Development zone LuAn,Anhui

                Phone:0564-3633228     Fax:0564-3633618

                E-mail:lwdj888@163.com    Website:http://www.xiaobapo.com    Anhui ICP No.11011276